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7 Most Common Challenges in Selenium Automation Testing Faced by Testers

Selenium can be an open source evaluation automation frame. It's unique advantages and downsides. Even in the event that you decide on additional evaluation automation programs such as Sahi, then Katalon, QTP, and so forth each and every tool includes some type of restriction. 

The primary benefit of utilizing the selenium-web driver is the fact that it supports many different programming languages like Java, C#, .NET, Python, and PHP.

Selenium-web driver readily enables one to execute examination across different browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Micro-Soft Edge, ie, etc. Whilst the net becomes more complicated, utilizing the Selenium testing The method has now proven to become more widespread and popular.

While it has generated web testing much complex lots of partnerships and teams around the world, it's a significant number of problems due to its open-source spirit. Even a huge part of the downsides that people experience have reasonably simple answers, that's why we summarize exactly the most infrequent selenium-web driver challenges and also how exactly to repay them.

Let’s Have A Look At Some Of The Most Common Issues Or Challenges Confronted While Working In Selenium Test Automation Are:

Cannot test windows applications -- it generally does not assist windows based programs. It only supports on-line software.

Cannot test mobile Application -- We could test on almost any OS and web browser to the background with it we cannot cope mobile testing using supplementation by yourself. However, there's a way to it particular. It's possible for you to take advantage of Appium to handle Android along with i-OS nearby, mobile, and also cross-platform breed software utilizing the WebDriver Proto Col.

Reports are limited-- its but one of those heart troubles and struggles, also like selenium-web driver that you cannot develop a nice report, even yet there's a workaround. You may create reports with TestNG or even Extent studies.

Pop-up Windows--If you’re easy or affirmation alarm pops, it has an inclination to become the most difficult career to automate it into accept or close. There Are essentially three different Forms of pop-up windows:

·         Prompts Alerts -- It educates the consumer to enter

·         Confirmation Alerts -- This largely asks the consumer to affirmation

·         Simple Alerts-- This Is Something Which reveals a Communication

Additionally, tabbed alarms are outside capacities of this selenium automation testing being that they truly are a part of this OS in place of this internet browser. Even though, due to the fact selenium-web driver can function diverse windows, both online alarms may by and are taken good care together with all the switch To the way of restraining the popup whilst trying to keep the internet browser at the desktop.

Webpage load -- a couple of blog webpages is consumer special. All these webpages load various parts depends upon the user. The majority of the changing times elements appear to depend upon the sooner actions. 

In the event when you choose a state from state drop-down, subsequently cities associated with that nation could fill from the metropolitan areas drop-down. In the dictionary, the script could not locate the element. To overcome that we now need applying specific waits at the script to provide the parts time and energy to load and also to find the exact part.

Captcha- Managing captcha is fixed to broccoli. You'll find a number of outdoor party programs to automate it we cannot reach 100 percent results.

Scalability-Though the selenium-web driver makes it possible for one to test on virtually any internet browser OS, it truly is nonetheless restricted in exactly what variety of evaluations that it can continue running without any delay and also fast it might conduct them reliant about exactly what quantity of node/hub layouts that the tester gets got. With no Selenium grid, then it's possible to just test.

Whatever the scenario, using a Selenium-Grid and also a 3rd celebration cloud application such as cross-browser testing, you're able to try equivalent. Meaning that it will decrease enough time that it requires to conduct automatic testing and escalating the settings it's possible to test on.

How would you conquer the Selenium test automation challenges?
Defects When Initiating IE (Internet Explorer) -Most of the MS Windows users have their default browser set as IE. Thus, your applications must work with the browser. When it isn’t succeeded to launch, you can fix this selenium automation issue by setting the browser’s zoom level to 100%.

Time worries -the situation produces when analyzing dynamic internet software. It impacts every time a petition normally takes long when expected to give the perfect outcome. When utilizing Selenium automation, then you want to implement a delay in the following code. This may succeed over your hurdles. This app just like Ranorex instinctually produces hunt time outs for goods from the repository.

Maintenance of Web Elements- During evaluation automation, then it's necessary for you to carry out evaluation upkeep. It may be a massive job, nevertheless, you cannot avert it. Fairly, it's genuine for complicated assessment situations. So, how do you control World Wide Web components you've got dealt with from the broccoli evaluations? 

While employing the pristine selenium-web driver for automation, then it may apply a specific World Wide Web component many moments. In case the internet component varies, you want to detect its happenings and then change these. You need to get this done after using the webpage thing blueprint to handle the World Wide Web elements. Search from the altered and repair the code.

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11 Reasons To Use Selenium for Automation Testing

As soon as we discuss automation analyzing, Selenium consistently finds its own way into this dialog. Being among their greatest instruments for testing, Selenium is properly adored by programmers and individuals around the world. However, the problem which remains is there are lots of automation testing programs out there on the market which deliver exactly the exact same outcomes. Therefore, why just Selenium?

Nicely this really is something which we're likely to talk about at length from the report. At the close of this post, you are going to have the ability to record most of the advantages of conducting testing making use of Selenium and is it preferred along with another automation testing applications.

What's Selenium?

Until we delve deeper deep from some great benefits of enable us to understand exactly what Selenium is and the reason it's utilized.
Properly, Selenium can be an open-source tech analyzing the application used for automating evaluations performed on distinct web browsers.
It's a package of applications that suits the distinct needs of associations. It essentially has 4 distinct applications:
  1. Selenium-RC (that Is Currently deprecated)
  2. Selenium-IDE (Selenium Integral Development Environment)
  3. Selenium-Grid
  4. Selenium-web driver

Presently, selenium-web driver and Grid are merged into 1 and that's that which we will be speaking about within this report.

Uses of Selenium?

Selenium is fundamentally utilized to automate the testing over many different internet explorers. It supports many different plugins such like Chrome, Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, and IE, and also you also may quit readily automate web application testing over all these browsers with selenium-web driver.
You may observe live automatic evaluations currently being performed onto your own monitor display screen. However, the query which people will be replying to within this informative article stands because you can find lots of programs out there for automation analyzing.

Let us find out exactly what Selenium needs to give us to gain this particular match.

Features of Working with selenium automation testing

1. Length and language Support

Whenever someone selects an instrument first matter which comes to mind is: “Can my instrument affirms the terminology I understand?"

Properly, that really isn't true for Selenium since it supports all of the significant languages such as Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, and Perl programming languages such as applications evaluation automation.

You may produce your scripts at one of those programming languages plus Selenium transforms it to Selenium suitable codes instantaneously. Thus, there's not any demand for figuring out Selenium just languages. Additionally, each and every Selenium confirmed speech has devoted frameworks that aid written down evaluation script to get Selenium examination automation. Thus, once you opt for Selenium like something for carrying out testing, that you really do not need to be worried about terminology and frame encourage since Selenium does this for you personally!

2. Open-source Availability

Certainly one of many matters which increases the benefits of Selenium is its own opensource accessibility. Thus, having an opensource application, Selenium can be an openly obtainable automation frame and also can be completely free, without the upfront expenses. Thus, you may spare bucks and utilize them to get additional fantastic reasons.

The Selenium local community is always helping programmers and applications engineers at simplifying the internet browser functionalities and features. Selenium currently being available supply also enables you to personalize the code to get far better speech direction and improve the features of predefined classes and functions. Selenium is now the absolute most dependable internet automation application on account of the simplicity of making evaluation broadcasts to support performance.

3. Multi-Browser Service

"One particular Selenium script for most browsers" is exactly what Selenium neighborhood is operating and improvising daily. According to StatCounter, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Opera, along with Edge browsers would be definitely the absolute most employed browsers throughout the world and Selenium script can be used with most of the current browsers that are mentioned. That you never will need to reorder scripts to get each and every internet browser, only 1 script to get browsers
4. Support Across Various Operating Systems

Distinct men and women utilize different operating systems plus it's essential your automation application supports them all. Selenium is nonetheless an extremely mobile tool that supports and certainly will work over diverse operating platforms such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, UNIX, etc..
You may cause Selenium Test suites within some other stage such as Windows and certainly will do precisely the exact same test package onto the other stage, by way of instance, Mac or even Linux. This allows programmers and computer software testers to readily write examine automation scripts without even putting much focus over the stage in that it can operate.

5. Benefits Of Implementation

Selenium automation frame is incredibly easy-to-use instrument. Selenium gives a userfriendly interface which will help make and implement test scripts readily and effortlessly. You may even see while evaluations are still running. You may test comprehensive stories of Selenium evaluations and accept follow-up activities.

And you won't ever feel lonely. Even an enormous Selenium local community will be always readily available to assist you if desired. You may consult your questions and play training locally.

6.  Re-usability and Integrations

As stated early in the day, Selenium automation evaluation suites are both removable and may be analyzed along with multiple programs and systems. Nevertheless, the spin is in case that Selenium isn't a comprehensive World Wide Web automation testing application. Thus, it requires third-party frameworks and also adds on to expand the reach of testing.

As an instance, you will need to incorporate Selenium together with TestNG and JUnit for controlling evaluation circumstances and building reviews. For attaining constant testing, then you have to incorporate it using any CI/CD programs such as Jenkins, Maven, and Docker. Additionally, for executing image-based testing, then you have to incorporate Selenium using programs such as Sikuli, also for executing cross-browser testing together with cloud-grid these as for instance LambdaTest. You may incorporate Selenium with the majority of direction applications. To get more info about the selenium testing you can click the link given above.

7. Flexibility

Evaluation control is exactly what is essential in analyzing the life cycle. It becomes much easier and better using Selenium capabilities such as re-grouping and also re-factoring of evaluation circumstances. It will help programmers and loopholes in rapid variations to this code, lowering copying, reducing difficulties and enhancing maintainability. All these functions make Selenium additional usable and flexible when compared to additional automation testing applications and also thus helps Selenium keep a border.

8. Parallel Test Execution and More Rapidly Go-to-Market

The primary purpose of automatic testing would be to conserve efforts and time. With all the aid of all Selenium-Grid, we could perform numerous evaluations in parallel, so thus cutting down the check implementation time. With all the aid of all cloud-grids to get cross-browser testing, you may examine around as numerous as countless downloads in parallel utilizing Selenium thus helping you save time at multiples of countless.

9. Significantly less Hardware Usage

Should you compare with Selenium along with additional seller concentrated automation programs such as QTP, UFT, SilkTest, you are going to see that Selenium calls for significantly less hardware compared to when compared with additional testing applications.

10. Essay to use and learn

Selenium broadcasts aren't just something such as composing a hundred-page algorithm that is complex. Composing Selenium broadcasts is more than composing a couple portions of codes to successfully automate plugins of one's site. Additionally, documentation around your Selenium internet site is rather valuable for programmers and testers to get started with Selenium automation analyzing. Together with the drastically climbing local community, Selenium tutorials, analyzing, and growth service is simply a Google search away.

Additionally with Selenium-IDE expansion Firefox browser, then you should use play and record performance to bring in Selenium broadcasts for prospective reference.

11. Constant Upgrades

Since Selenium is encouraged by means of a residential district and we are all aware an active network does not prefer to remain stagnant, so the more Selenium local community will also be always re-leasing constant upgrades and updates. The very optimal/optimally thing about owning a residential district is these updates are easily obtainable and simple to comprehend so you don't want some particular coaching. That creates Selenium resourceful when compared to additional economical and tools too.


Most of us understand that we have been extremely discerning when it regards selecting any such thing out of plenty of choices. If it regards picking out an instrument we eventually become much more discerning, so it's possible to simply take your probability. After you do automation testing, then you are going to discover various programs that will assist you to. However, choose Selenium? Properly, I have to state, pick for yourself?

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Automated UI Testing with Selenium and JavaScript

Selenium is great, and it can be integrated with many different languages, and today I will show you how it can be done with JavaScript. This is an ongoing project, and I plan to update more examples or test cases in the future, so feel free to ask questions and create tickets on the project.

1. Installation

You need to install either Yarn or Node on your machine. In this project, I will use Yarn for installing packages and running scripts.

First, we need to start a project

yarn init
npm init

Then install dependencies

yarn add chromedriver selenium-webdriver
yarn add mocha -D

2. Getting Started

After that, we can start writing our test cases

// test.js
// Import requirement packages
const assert = require('assert');
const {Builder, Key, By, until} = require('selenium-webdriver');
describe('Checkout', function () {
    let driver;
    before(async function() {
        driver = await new Builder().forBrowser('chrome').build();
    // Next, we will write steps for our test.
    // For the element ID, you can find it by open the browser inspect feature.
    it('Search on Google', async function() {
        // Load the page
        await driver.get('');
        // Find the search box by id
        await driver.findElement('lst-ib')).click();
        // Enter keywords and click enter
        await driver.findElement('lst-ib')).sendKeys('dalenguyen', Key.RETURN);
        // Wait for the results box by id
        await driver.wait(until.elementLocated('rcnt')), 10000);
        // We will get the title value and test it
        let title = await driver.getTitle();
        assert.equal(title, 'dalenguyen - Google Search');
    // close the browser after running tests
    after(() => driver && driver.quit());

3. Run The Test Case

It is a good practice to add scripts to package.json.
// package.json
"scripts": {
   "test": "mocha --recursive --timeout 10000 test.js"
Whenever you want to run the test, just use this command:
yarn run test

The below result shows that the test has been successfully completed.

dnguyen$ yarn run test
yarn run v1.9.4
$ mocha --recursive --timeout 10000 test.js

    ✓ Search on Google (2058ms)
1 passing (3s)

✨  Done in 3.79s.

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7 Major Advantages Why Enterprises Should Prefer Selenium Test Automation

Summary: No matter what the domain or company, there are some common problems that always tend to affect new automation projects. Here are 7 advantages that companies prefer to choose Selenium Test Automation.

Software test automation is the way where the future vision of testing is heading upon. Automation testing uses automation tools to reduce human intervention and keep a check on the mundane human repeatable tasks. These varied automation tools are available as open-source and paid tools. 

Whenever we talk about automation testing, Selenium is as an open- source tool which is widely used by testers and developers across the globe. Selenium tool is best suited and used for as an automated testing suite for all web applications across browsers and delivers good results for wall tests as it is an integral part of the automation testing.

Some of the Benefits with Software Test Automation

· Helps to find bugs at an early stage
· Testing becomes easy with pre-recorded and predefined actions
· It becomes easy to compare test results to expected behavior and report the success or failure
· Testing can be done from any device even from remote
· Automated tests are reusable and are more dependable than manual test outcomes
· Shortens overall testing time when compared to manual testing
· Testers can reuse the code on different versions of the software
· Lowers overall testing costs
· Ensures faster time to market and generates quicker ROI

Coming to the major advantages Enterprises need to select Selenium test automation are:

1. Open Source Tool: Selenium is available as an open-source tool and is a publicly accessible test automation framework. There is a separate community for all open-source tools wherein they continuously add new features and functionalities to make it more viable for developers and automation engineers.

2. Supports Many Languages: 

The ease of this tool is its flexibility to support all languages such as Ruby, Perl, Java, Python, JavaScript, C#, programming languages wherein scripts can be written and selenium converts them into selenium compatible codes. Every selenium supported language certainly has dedicated frameworks that help in writing test scripts for selenium automation testing.

3. Ease of usage due to Multi-Browser Support: 

The major advantage with this tool is, it supports all web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Edge browsers. The most useful feature is there is no explicit need to rewrite the selenium scripts separately for each of the browsers, but rather a single script holds good for all.

4. Effective tool for Web Applications: 

It enables to record and playback for testing web applications and can run multiple scripts across various browsers such as IE, Firefox, Chrome, etc. In addition, this framework is highly useful for developers as they can analyze the code due to screen shot property. The tests are very easy to maintain and it is also easy to repair the test suites of the application using this framework.

5. Ensures Parallel Test Execution: 

Any automated testing is taken up to ensure that testing time is saved and equivalent human effort is saved such that the tester can be used for other activities. With the help of selenium grid, the tester can execute multiple tests in parallel, thus reducing the overall test execution time.

 6. Cross Browser Support with Its Flexibility for Testing:

It is a highly flexible tool for testing functional and regression test cases and also supports cross browsing where the test cases run across various platforms simultaneously. Another suitable feature of the tool is that it helps in creating robust and browser-based regression automation suites to perform tests.

7. Selenium Suite of Tools:  

It is mainly composed of four tools such as Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium WebDriver and Selenium Grid. Each of these tools effectively support for record & playback for scripts, supports every web browser, accepts commands and sends them to a browser and selenium WebDriver API helps in communication between languages and browsers.

Thus, after overviewing all the above features, enterprises can choose this as a promising tool for all your web applications testing due to the overwhelming features it is embedded with. Selenium testing services can be leveraged to get your applications tested thoroughly to achieve faster time to market and quicker ROI.

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6 Reasons Automation Testing Projects Fail

Teams and agencies often get fired up when they listen to the term "automation." It's just like a new tool that everyone wishes a bit of--at first of all. But following a a short while, no-one cares, and we move our concentration to other devices or, in cases like this, other task priorities and trends.

For automation to reach your goals rather than just a flash inside the pan, companies have to treat it with realistic targets, the right approach, and a determination to create it work.

Listed below are six main reasons I've consistently noticed automation projects are unsuccessful. Preserving these pitfalls at heart will help you prevent them and instead develop steady automation frameworks, generating the effort a collaborative feel so the whole team possesses automation.

1. People hardly understand what things to automate (and what never to automate)

It really is important to know very well what to automate and what never to automate.

Say you've got a webpage. It really is very good to automate the various functionalities of this webpage, nonetheless it might be a bad idea to utilize automation to check on rendering concerns or area of elements for the page. It is because it is tough to know the way the screen displays in various form factors because of a wide variety of devices, web browsers, and screen shapes. 

Also, in the event that you begin using x,y coordinates to check element location in the page, the assessments may become flaky when operate on different screen measurements and resolutions. These situations are much better off tested physically by individuals testers.

We always desire to automate a thing that is stable, that's less susceptible to change, which has to be frequent multiple amount of times, or that will assist save valuable assessment effort. 

2. The team does not have technically qualified people

Doing automation the correct way requires testers to truly have a certain degree of technical expertise. That said, getting skilled individuals who have sufficient technical understanding can be costly and time-consuming. Few firms, like start-ups, for instance, can afford to employ automation engineers.

It might be worthwhile to employ a few technological testers who is able to kick-start automation jobs and teach others around the team to obtain mixed up in automation effort. In the event that's not an alternative, you can often choose tool that will help anyone carry out automation, regardless of technical expertise. 

3. There's low awareness around automation

I've often observed groups where two to five folks are responsible for automation no one else has got any idea of the proceedings with regards to the automation attempts. This insufficient visibility units you up for disappointment because nobody will take your projects seriously, particularly if you aren't able to permit people understand how your efforts help solve qa testing issues and provide price.

Fortunately, there are a few easy methods to help to make your automation obvious:
  • Create an automation wiki web page with information such as for example what features are increasingly being programmed, what modules are increasingly being covered, and exactly how your automation platform is established
  • Make the outcomes of one's automation noticeable to the whole workforce via e-mail notifications and dashboards, and go over the advancement in day-to-day stand-ups along with other team meetings
  • Hold lunch-and-learn consultations covering different developments, good procedures, and tools linked to automation
  • You should create automation a collaborative energy and involve the complete team in organizing and publishing it.

4. Applications aren't easily testable

Teams usually do not often focus on the testability of these software. What perform After all by that? In the event that you build a credit card applicatoin, you also must make sure it is conveniently testable from the machine level, system stage, integration stage, and acceptance degree.

When you overlook this factor, we find yourself having a credit card applicatoin that is extremely difficult to check from any levels. Then we believe automation isn't doing work for the team, once the real problem will be that a number of the developers are constructing applications which are too complex rather than testable.

Ensure you go over the testability of a tale, an attribute, and prerequisites during backlog grooming along with the sprint planning conference, before the advancement effort begins on an attribute. This will help prevent problems soon after in the enhancement lifecycle.

5. The objectives of automation are usually vague

We focus on the purpose of building a sturdy automation construction that seamlessly combines while using CI/Disc pipeline, will be maintainable, and works in a well balanced and consistent approach, giving quick opinions about the use. All these aims are good in some recoverable format, but to access this degree of maturity, we have to start small.

That's where most automation testing processes are unsuccessful: They get started doing something intricate with automation and find yourself needing to refactor the complete framework once they are not obtaining the necessary value as a result. This results in wasting time, expense, and effort.

Start by discovering several high-level functionalities which are steady, and automate them first of all. Predicated on this, collect responses on what proceeded to go very well and what didn't. Subsequently, once these testing run consistently and so are stable, start figuring out other tests to include.

Additionally it is important to isolate your automation collection into smoke assessments and regression testing. Smoke tests will be the tests that follow every program code check-in. They ought to typically finish operating within 5 minutes to get speedy feedback on brand-new code improvements.

A regression test out suite can operate on a daily schedule and covers several functionalities of the application form. Your needs can vary greatly in line with the context in the project, but that is one approach which has worked well for me personally.

6. The team does not have good processes to take care of automation tasks

This is probably one of the most common issues with test automation: There is absolutely no proper process set up to take care of automation duties. Each team associate has their very own interpretation of the procedure, resulting in chaos and malfunction on the automation project.

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Automated Software Testing Requirement

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If there are various software applications being developed, there are some phases for those applications to pass through. Software testing is really mandatory in order of analyzing the standard and proper functioning of the software.

Of course, when there is a software application built, it will surely have some task to do. There will be various stages of the test carried for ensuring that the expected results are produced by the software application.

Embedded software testing is being carried out even for simple applications nowadays. There are various things that will stop the software from giving the result for which they have been built.

Some of those are like coding mistakes and errors. In most of the cases, although the software has not given any sorts of error during the compiling process, it will give rise to one or the other types of errors during the runtime.

Automated Software Testing Requirement

The company requires saving money. Cost-cutting measures have been performed to cut back on expenses. Capital expenditures and operational expenditures are being analyzed to ensure that all the departments have done all means to save. All means are being implemented to save and that involves the Information Technology department.

But, there are some expenses that the organization cannot do without. One of these is software testing because let us face it in order to move forward, we need technology. Organizations cannot do without it or they get left behind. What does it mean to get left behind?

·         Extract the maximum ROI out of the test automation solution.
·         Address the complexities that make it hard to test modern digital systems.
·         Simple adoption of test automation solution.
It means that the clients and the customers will start to look for the same services from other organizations. The right technology indicates that the services will be achieved with better quality and with faster turn-around-time.

Manpower can even be rationalized because of automation. Therefore, there is a possibility of a decrease in manpower cost. Overtime can be extinguished or some workers can be declared as redundant which can result in manpower reduction.

Most important pros and cons of automated testing:


The first main benefit is greater efficiency & productivity. Automated testing makes the process more efficient. Usually, everything performed manually takes more time, particularly when compared with the advantages of software automation testing services.

Automated testing software takes less time and allows employees to get more done. Because automated software testing is not that time consuming, productivity is increased, and resource hours are limited. The latter is especially significant because labor costs are not cheap. The end result is more profit for the company.

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The second main advantage is more accurate tests. People make errors. That's a fact of life, and by using appropriate software testing tools the opportunities of manual mistakes causing issues are reduced or eliminated altogether.

Although it is true that software is only as good as the people who wrote the code, in the final analysis, automating the process of software testing creates fewer errors, resulting in better products.


One of the major drawbacks is that automated software testing tools can be expensive to deploy. And the cost increases with the complexity of the deployment. For example, big companies typically have various enterprise systems and interfaces in place, the sum of which increases the level of complexity connected with implementing any new tool.

Another downside is that there is normally a fairly substantial learning curve. "Plug and play" software testing tools haven't been created yet. As a result, automated software testing services take time to learn how to use.

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10 Things To Take into Consideration When Deciding Independent Software Testing Services For Outsourcing

This article is written to help you pick a software testing company. If you are looking for independent software testing services, in manual or automation field, this article will help you out.

Practically every software development project comprises software testing. Various companies outsource software testing work. Outsourcing implies going for a work agreement or abroad to another company. The trend of outsourcing testing services is prevalent in the IT world.

Things To Consider When Evaluating Independent Software Testing Services

Classify all the actions of the company into initial & subsequent tasks. If software testing falls into the following task section, then, in that case, you should go with outsourcing the testing services.

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Following are the reasons why you should outsource:

  • Reap cost benefits
  • Reduced in-house efforts
  • Independent QA
  • Access to an efficient & highly proficient team
  • Get a team whose primary focus is testing
  • Increased application quality
  • Quick deliverables/ Boosts up software testing efficiency
  • Thoroughly-tested final products
  • Aspects To Consider Before Outsourcing Testing Services
  • Outsourcing Testing Services

 Let’s discuss these aspects one by one:

1) The Engagement Models

This is one of the important steps in outsourcing. You have to understand the business plan and business model, as well as select the geographic area and choose which type of outsourcing you are interested in. You can go with either incremental outsourcing or total outsourcing.

2) Team Location

One of the most significant issues to answer is whether to pick an offshore testing company or a company in the same country?

Offshoring can perform high-quality at a lower cost. However, incurring the work in a different country (i.e. relocation) often possess a more significant risk due to communication barriers, cultural variations, and language difficulty.
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 3) Service Level Agreement (SLAs)

It is the agreement signed between the service provider and the client that determines the output required from the service provider. Describing SLAs upfront is very crucial to ensure a 100% association of goals between the service provider and the client. SLAs should be related to the action model, KPIs, and the type of testing.

4) Mobilization

In the mobilization phase, the companies come together for outsourcing to take place. The agreement, statement of work, and service level arrangements should be settled and communicated to the preferred service provider. The authentic interests of both vendors & clients should be protected. Moreover, building a productive long-term relationship between the concerned parties is critical.

5) Flexibility & Scalability

Outsourcing contracts demand a degree of flexibility to assure that the timescale variations are met. Flexibility should be determined by considering factors like robustness, modifiability, new capacity, and efficiency.

6) Quality Improvement

One of the main goals of the client is to gain a vital quality improvement through outsourcing. As the contract matures, the means and working techniques should be tried to improve continually. The final target should be an overall increase in the end product.

7) Change Management

There might be frequent demand changes from the client end, which affects the testing cycle, if not handled properly. To overcome the additional cost, time and efforts of managing the requirement changes, service providers should maintain a secure change management system.

8) Intellectual Property Protection

IPR protection is one of the essential aspects to examine while outsourcing testing assistance. One of the most significant hurdles is to protect the businesses’ intellectual property when it is outsourced. The service provider should protect the Personally identifiable data(PII) provided by the client and not to be used for any other meaning apart from the meant business.

9) Communication

Seldom communication barriers between client & service providers create a roadblock in the work to be done. So, it is essential to discover a proper communication channel between the two parties. The list of POCs for each area of action should be exchanged between client & vendor.

10) Security

Protecting data is very significant from a business viewpoint. Outsourcing providers have data security policies & standards. Many service providers get their dedicated team to work in an ODC (Offshore Development Center) where only the team for a particular client project sites.